Жизнь в Великобритании — голосование на всеобщих выборах

Жизнь в Великобритании - голосование на всеобщих выборах ЖИЗНЬ В ВЕЛИКОБРИТАНИИ

Задание 4 — Обзор словарного запаса

Жизнь в Великобритании — голосование на всеобщих выборах. Используйте слова в поле для слов, чтобы заполнить пробелы в предложениях ниже.

campaigning registering elect candidates polling
Parliament manifestos represent elected constituencies

The voting system used in the UK is called first past the post. On general election day, people in the UK vote to 1.  a new government. Political parties and 2.  try to win votes by 3.  door-to-door, holding debates, and publishing 4.  before the election.

The UK is divided into 650 districts called 5. . Each constituency is represented by a Member of Parliament. Voters must register to take part in the election before it takes place. 6.  online is easy, and should only take about five minutes. You can also register to vote by post.

On election day, polling stations are open from dawn till dusk. If you can’t vote in person on the day, you can apply for a postal vote or choose someone else to vote for you. This is called a proxy vote.

After 7.  stations close at the end of the day, a count takes place to find out which candidate has the most votes in each area. The 8.  MPs enter Parliament to sit in the House of Commons and 9.  everyone in their constituency. The political party that has the most MPs — the majority — is invited by the Queen to form a government. If there is a hung 10.  with no clear winner, a minority government or a coalition government may be formed, or a new election held.


1. elect   

2. candidates   

3. campaigning   

4. manifestos   

5. constituencies   

6. registering   

7. polling   

8. elected   

9. represent   

10. Parliament  

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